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Stabilize images


most recently in

three spectrometers, two structural aircraft windows and one extended-band imager




Design and build cryogenic test stations for space surveillance FPAs,

Fly a breadboard spectrometer over the arctic ice cap in mid-winter,

Design meter-sized windows for sensors in a 737 transport aircraft,

Diagnose structural failures during service and design retrofit kits,

Determine boresight changes caused by field change mechanisms,

Produce cryogenic structural actuators for deformable mirrors,

Analyze thermal transient boresight shifts of instrument suites,

Design remote sensor to detect distant acoustic disturbances,

Maintain registration of two images to less than 0.1 pixel

Analyze the thermal shock resistance of cemented optics,

Negotiate environmental requirements for sensor suites,

Design beryllium mirror to survive 100,000 g shock,

Design RF-18 recon windows to survive bird strikes,

Polish a ~60:1 mirror with figure of 1/4 wave rms,

Analyze image jitter in off-axis spectral imagers,

Analyze sapphire windows for targeting pods,

Design an airborne optical image correlator,

Correlate analysis results and test data,










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